Your Birth Companion in Edinburgh

Birth is a rite of passage for all concerned - the baby, the parents, and the extended family.


Şebnem Susam-Saraeva

I am a Doula UK recognised birth and postnatal doula and a Relax and Breathe Birthing instructor. I give physical and emotional support to women who may choose to give birth at the birth centre or home, mostly focusing on the latter. The services I offer vary greatly according to the needs of the mother. Every birth is unique and therefore every woman's experience is also unique.


Before childbirth I will meet with you at least twice, preferably several times,to get to know you, your family, your wishes, needs, fears, and hopes for this baby and birth. I will also be available by phone and email throughout your pregnancy.

I draw on my knowledge and experience in childbirth and female physiology, gained not only through my training, but also from all the women and couples I’ve been lucky to support. I provide you with emotional support and physical comfort during labour and the birth of your baby, as well as during the initial bonding period.

I offer practical and emotional support to the new parents at home following the birth of baby. Too often mothers are rushed back into normal day-to-day activities, instead of resting and enjoying their ‘babymoon’. With the help of a postnatal doula, a mother can enjoy some of the benefits of a prolonged lying-in period.