My Services

Before childbirth I will meet with you at least twice, preferably several times,to get to know you, your family, your wishes, needs, fears, and hopes for this baby and birth. I will also be available by phone and email throughout your pregnancy.


These are some of the things I may be able to offer you antenatally:

  • Debriefing previous birth experiences

  • Helping to clarify your wishes and to address your concerns for the present birth

  • Empower you, within my abilities, so that you can boost your confidence to prepare for the birth you want

  • Support you in your preparations for a VBAC, if you have had previous c-sections

  • Birth art (as a way of creative planning for birth)

  • Guiding you on hypnobirthing scripts and exercises

  • Blessingways (similar to baby showers, but the gifts are for the mother-to-be and they are symbolic and powerful; it is a way of gathering the support of your female friends and relatives)

  • Lending books and DVDs from my personal collection

  • Information on third stage of labour, including sharing my experiences in lotus birth

  • Practical tips for home birth preparation, if home is your choice of location

  • Practising possible birth positions with you

  • Aromatherapy hand-foot massage

  • Plenty of encouragement and reassurance along the way!

During labour I will  

  • Ensure your comfort and peace within your own birthing space

  • Offer help and suggestions on breathing, relaxation and movement, if you wish me to do so

  • Provide nurturing, continuous support and reassurance to help you find your own strength in labour and birth

  • Make sure you feel safe to birth your baby

  • Massage your shoulders, back and legs, depending on your needs, with aromatherapy oils

  • Keep you and your partner hydrated, nourished and relaxed, so that you both can go on doing what you have to do.

  • Together with your partner, act as your advocate, making sure your needs and wishes are heard and respected.

  • Once the baby is born, I will do my best to ensure that the new family is given the chance of a smooth transition, by fostering a calm environment, plenty of skin-to-skin contact with the baby, and laid-back breastfeeding.


Like all other doulas, I am a lay person, not a medic, and do not advise, interfere, judge or undertake clinical tasks.


After childbirth I follow up with a couple of postnatal visits to help you settle at home with your new baby. Alternatively, you may decide to employ me as a postnatal doula for a period of 6 - 8 weeks, depending on my availability.

You may decide that you need my support for about 6-8 weeks postnatally.


These are some of the things I may be able to offer you as a postnatal doula:

  • Birth debriefing

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Going over any postnatal concerns and issues

  • If this is your first baby, being there to assure you are doing the right thing

  • Practical support with your baby while you rest, shower or sleep

  • Cooking, laundry, and other light chores

  • Babywearing (slings) advice

  • Practical suggestions about co-sleeping arrangements, if you choose to do so

  • Tips on baby massage

  • Help with older siblings

  • Help sourcing information

  • Offer you a 'birth-sealing' ceremony (including Bengkung Belly Binding to strengthen your abdominal muscles